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Chicken drumsticks with mushrooms

Another simple and fast recipe that doesn’t require you to spend whole day in the kitchen. Yet your kitchen will smell like you cooked whole day and you have a tasty and healthy meal in no time. Mushrooms work so well with the delicate meat of chicken and it offers you an alternative to your favorite dish.

Chicken drumsticks with mushrooms

5 chicken drumsticks (or how many you need for your family)
half a stick of unsalted butter
1 pack of white mushrooms
sprig of fresh thyme (optional)
Emeril’s Original essence
1 cup of water or chicken broth

Prepare an oven proof dish (I used a glass baking dish that fits into my favorite toaster oven. You would be surprise how much can fit in that little thing and you don’t use as much power. Also, you are not making your kitchen so hot by warming up oven. But, if you have a bigger family, you may have to.

Clean your mushrooms and slice heads only, discard legs. Spread sliced mushrooms into the bottom of the dish, add sprig of thyme and sprinkle with salt.

Clean your drumsticks and place them on top of the mushrooms. Season with Emeril’s original essence (if you don’t have it, your favorite chicken seasoning or simply salt and pepper is fine). Add thin slices of butter on the meat and add water or chicken broth to the dish.

No particular reason for putting the butter on top of the chicken, I just believe that it helps to create a crust and tasty flavor on the chicken as it slowly melts.

Bake in oven for  about 60 minutes until meat is tender and all the juices mixed together. Add more water if necessary. You don’t need to turn the meat, you may want to occasionally take a spoon and glaze the chicken with existing sauce, created in the dish.

Serve immediately when ready, with a rice or couscous and your favorite vegetables. Enjoy the tasty light jus naturally created underneath!

Wine pairing suggestions:
When I prepare dish with mushrooms, I always think about good Pinot Noir to go with it. Many Pinot Noirs match so well with mushroom flavors. I paired it with 2007 Chalone Pinot Noir Monterey that has just been released. It complemented this dish very well. It is also hot and one prefer a lighter wines with the meals.

If you feel prefer white with your chicken, I like to recommend Picket Fence Chardonnay from Russian River, which gives you a quality of big, oaky, buttery Chard with more than reasonable price tag on it.

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