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Thanisch Sofia’s Riesling 2008

Winemaker: Sofia Thanisch
Grape: Riesling
Region: Mosel, Germany

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Wwe.Dr.H. Thanisch-Erben Thanisch is one of the most beautiful wine estates in Mosel region of Germany. This family owns some top quality vineyards for generations. The most unique of their properties is vineyard called ‘Berncasteler Doctor’ The commercial value of this land is among highest in the world, but the family is not selling.

Potential of their vineyards lets them create top German Rieslings and highly rated wines for years. Sofia’s Riesling is a new project created by the owner of the estate, Sofia Thanisch. The idea was to offer attractive, affordable priced wine from their high quality, estate-grown fruit that doesn’t compromise the quality and standards of their family name.

The simple label, without confusing German terminology also helps to bring her wine closer to any wine drinker anywhere in the world.

According to a legend of the 14th century, Bishop Boemond II (1354-1362) cured himself by drinking wine from their most famous vineyard and gave it the name “Berncasteler Doctor”.

Tasting notes:
Very rich aroma of fruit, flowers and honey, bright yellow color. Sofia’s Riesling has the lovely sweetness of Riesling, but beautifully balanced acidity that wouldn’t leave you with overly sweet taste in your mouth. Mineral quality, that gives a freshness and feels almost like a tiny bubbles are topical for high quality German Rieslings.

Dry – Off dry – Medium sweet – Sweet
Light – Medium – Full body
No oak – Aged in oak
Retail price: under $ 15.00

Ideal food pairing:
seafood, spicy food, Magic chicken, Indian cuisine

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