Great wines under $10, La Mancha, Red wine, Spain, Tempranillo

Campos Reales 2008

Winemaker: Rafael Coñizares
Grapes: 100% Tempranillo
Region: La Mancha, Spain

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I call this wine my “Spanish Pinot Noir”. Tempranillo has nothing in common with Pinot Noir of course, but super fruity character and light, un-oaked body of Campos Reales just reminds me of it. The quality of this fruit, standing alone without the support of oak, is incredible.

I remember when I first tasted this wine with customers (I believe it was at one of the Costco stores). It sold at that time for $ 6.99/bottle and they always had a big sign stating the price right on the tasting display. I saw a gentleman that quickly glanced at the price and walked right around me. Since I saw he came for wine, I stopped him and offered him a taste. He politely declined. I knew it was because of the price. “I only drink expensive wines,” he assured me.

“Well, I drink expensive wines too. But do you drink them every day?” I replied and offer him this wine again. I also told him that it was my house wine. I assured him that I, too had spoiled palate. I promised him that he will be pleasantly surprise. He was. He walked out of that store with 2 cases of his new house wine.

Seriously, this wine is simply too good to pass. I had a pleasure to meet Raffael personally in Spain and taste all his wines with him. This is how 35 years old vineyards of Campos Reales looks like in the winter. Raffael Canizares is also involved in production of Bodegas Volver and Venta Morales in La Mancha.

with Rafael Coñizares at the wine tasting

Tasting notes:
Light in body, not in flavor. Light ruby color. On the palate you taste pleasant fresh fruit, cherry and raspberry, with a touch of spice. The longer the wine is open, the more spicy and bigger in body it becomes. Don’t undermine this unbelievable bargain, it will give you a lot of wine!

Dry – Off dry – Medium sweet – Sweet
Light – Medium – Full body
No oak – Aged in oak
Retail price: under $ 8.00

Ideal food pairing:
salmon, risotto, chicken or turkey dishes,tapas

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