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Di Majo Norante Sangiovese 2008

Di Majo Norante Sangiovese 2008
Winemaker: Alessio Di Majo
Grape: 100% Sangiovese
Region: Molise, Italy

The Di Majo Norante winery is located to the north of the Gargano in Molise, on the estate of the Marquis Norante of Santa Cristina. This beautiful estate has been dedicated to the cultivation of vines since the 1800s. In the 1960s a modern cantina was constructed here a clone selection of native vines were replanted.

Great sun exposure, constant breezes during the summer, excellent soil composition and a slope toward the Sciabolone and Madonna Grande valleys doesn’t only make this estate totally beautiful and elegant, but it also provides the perfect environment for grapes.

Previously awarded by 90 points repeatedly, this wine could be the best bargain there is in Sangiovese world. For a $10 – 12.00 price tag, Di Majo Norante over-delivers all the time.

Tasting notes:
Aroma of this wine brings me to a Mediterranean meadow, full of wild flowers. I am sitting there, smelling violets and my hands are still red from raspberries I just picked nearby. O.K., I know.

There is some romantic sentiment about the aroma of this wine but the taste wouldn’t disappoint you either. Surprisingly full body after it breath for a while. Clean expression of fruit yet dry and elegant with soft, mellow tannin and well balanced acidity. Long finish with a great elegance. I have tasted quite a few vintages of this wine and it always delivered a wow factor for me.

Dry – Off dry – Medium sweet – Sweet
Light – Medium – Full body
No oak – Aged in oak
Organically grown
Retail price: under $ 12.00

Ideal food pairing:
antipasti, pizza, Spaghetti Marinara, Philly Cheese-steak Panini, roasted peppers with sausage, medium aged cheeses

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