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We have winners of our Vera Wine Club’s Holiday Giveaway!

Just like the famous Staples’s red button – that was easy! A week before Christmas I invited our fans on Facebook and club’s members in our last newsletter to participate in drawing for 5 Vera Wine Club T-shirts.All you had to do was to visit our new gift shop and pick and choose a t-shirt design that you liked the most. Than you had to sit down and either post your favorite on FB wall or send me a short email where you wrote the name of your favorite design.
And voila! By 6:00 PM on December 31st, I had received total of 56 entries for our New Years drawing. Thank you all for participating!!! It also gave me a great tool to see which designs were the most appealing to you.

Based on your votes, I was able to summarize that:
It’s wine o’clock somewhere was the # 1 favorite(22 votes)

Followed by # 2 favorite design:

And design occupying the spot # 3 was:

Other designs that received the most votes were:

with Cheers in many world’s languages, on HIS version it’s placed on front,

HERS on the back

and…. Wine improves with age


Again, thank you so much for participating! And now is the time to announce the winners…. To make it the most transparent, I have tried to document the process of drawing for you.

First, I have printed each entry name (with their favorite design) on the piece of paper and cut the same strips out of it.


Than I folded each paper strip into a small rectangle and placed it all in a basket.
Mixed it several times and it was time to pick 5 lucky ones!

And the lucky winners of our Holiday Giveaway are:

Robert Coursic

Jack Houton

Patti Somma

Phyllis Schatz

Karoll Wiater

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners!

I hope that it’s a promising beginning of the very Happy New Year!

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