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How do I pick wines for my reviews?

I have been asked many times about how do I decide which wine to write a review on. So I thought it was time to explain how some particular wine ends up reviewed on my blog, and why some others not.

Every wine, listed for review. was chosen for a  reason.

Wines that I wrote a review on, are those that I considered a great example of its variety, or an exceptional value (no matter how big or small the price tag). Of course, it’s all based on my best knowledge and personal opinion.

Which means you can only find reviews on wines that I enjoyed. But again, it’s my personal and subjective taste.  Since I am buying wine in regular wine stores, I am tasting wines that are available to you as well.

When I discover new wine that catches my attention, I like to share it with you. Having the privilege to taste hundreds of wines every month, it is always a wonderful feeling to discover something that stands out. I don’t have any other interest behind it, I also don’t promote  somebody’s wine for profit.

If I reviewed wines that were sent to me by the winery, I will state it clearly in the review.

Orientation prices are listed just to give you a simple idea what price range that particular wine belongs too. Prices might vary from state to state, from vintage to vintage and of course from retailer to restaurant….

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