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Only in New England…

… can you go from this (just 30 days ago):

That little peak on the left, that's where our grill stands

to THIS in just few weeks:

Sorry to brag about it, but we make pizza like....3 times a year!

As you can see, I have celebrated our first day of spring – by making my first 2011 pizza!!!!  Our favorite topings (if you must know) were: hot Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and cheese (I meant to add sliced red onion, but was so excited that I forgot all about it. I don’t think anybody missed it.).

Who wouldn’t love living in Connecticut!!!!

We have opened a bottle of brand new Spanish TRITON to go with it, and it worked great. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s made from Tempranillo. Well, why did I say that? Because to me, it taste more like Old Vine Monastrell from southern Jumilla – big, fruity, spicy and delicious – just what I want with my pizza…. Please, Tempranillo fairy, don’t get mad at me!

This wine from Vino de la Tierra de Castilla-Leon (which should have been part of D.O.TORO, but didn’t quite make it) can seriously win you over, especially if you look for something impressive that is also affordable. Love the combination!!!

I wrote a blog about my first tasting of this wine (and falling in love with) here:  Another star is born…

Happy first Day of Spring everybody!

Continued next day: … and just 15 hours later … As I said, only in New England 🙂

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