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My first trip to Niagara Falls

So I finally saw it. The legendary Niagara Falls! It’s always a guest that makes you do things that you love to do but never make time for it. My best friend Vera, visiting us for 20 days from Europe, did just that. It forced us to stop, relax and take a vacation we didn’t have for a long time.

We planned 10 days trip through Northeast of USA and Niagara was our first stop. Driving through New York State, we could see a damage everywhere due to heavy rains, just a week earlier. Luckily, the sun was out now and we were praying that it stays out for the most of the time.

The first few steps in our first campsite reminded me that I should have packed a rain boots. As soon as I stepped out of the RV (in the dark, on what I believed was a grass), my foot was soaked with water and mud. Hmmm, that didn’t feel too good. We were sorry for the mark on the grass, we left behind, after trying to back up and park the vehicle in the dark… (hey, it wasn’t me!!!)

Everything else was beautiful. The camp site we picked from internet search had the promised view of Lake Ontario – and not even millions of omnipresent tiny flies around us couldn’t spoil it for us. We were on vacation!

Niagara here I am!

I have seen pictures. I also heard that the most beautiful view was from the Canadian side (which we couldn’t see because my friend didn’t have a Canadian visa). So when I first saw the huge amount of water falling down, my first through was – what a power of nature!

It also reminded me of my father’s (a fireman) words: “Water is the most powerful of all. You can stop fire with water, but you can’t stop water with anything!” How sad truth considering all the catastrophes around us.

But the view of Niagara was simply beautiful. I first thought that this was the only view I was going to get. But it was just the beginning!

We decided not to take the boat trip. My husband did, years back, and already knew that coming closer to the mist created by falling water, one couldn’t see much anyway. And my friend had a boat phobia.So we walked around and soon we saw the most beautiful views of the “horseshoe”, American and Bride’s veil falls. In front of this majestic view, we even shad few tears of joy.
It was breathtaking! What a treat! Even the sun came out (it was cloudy the whole morning) and let us take a beautiful pictures to capture the moments.

Believe or not, we didn’t go to any Niagara wineries. I guess that will be my plan for the next trip. We just missed the Taste of Niagara Wine Trail event.

But that was OK. We had a case of different German Rieslings to accompany us during our trip (my friend developed an intolerance to acidity in the wine). As much as I love New York State wines, there wouldn’t be much she could have tasted anyway.

That evening, back in the Daisy Barn Campsite, we opened the first bottle. I didn’t mind to get my shoes muddy again, walking for the wine to the back of our RV. It was worth it.

We have prepared a turkey breasts with mushrooms and rice pilaf, and 2009 Dr. Thanisch Estate Riesling, from the region of Mosel Saar Ruwer, worked perfectly well with that dish.

Next stop: Lake Placid…

2 thoughts on “My first trip to Niagara Falls”

  1. Hmmm, Stephen, that sounds really good! I will have to look for that wine. I know that There are some superb wine from Portugal, I agree. I only had reds so far (and they were really good).Thanks so much for sharing and noticing my trip to Niagara – there is more to come – we then continued to Lake Placid, Mt.Washington, Cadillac Mountain and Bar Harbor in Main… please stay tuned!


  2. Looks like you had fun! I haven't done Niagra in many years and must go back. Will be doing part on NY State myself this summer – Howe Caverns and Cooperstown area – including Ommegang Brewery (one of the best in the U.S.)! Discovered a new summer wine I'd like to share (the summer's yet to start and I've just ordered my second case!) – It is called Famega Vinho Verde, a crisp (cheap) citricy white from Portugal that bubles on the tongue like a Proseco, but is not carbonated! Amazing wine I'm sure you'd like! Thanks for sharing your trip! Be well!


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