California, Pinot Noir, Red wine, Sonoma

Belle Glos MEIOMI 2009

Winemaker: Joseph Wagner
Grape: Pinot Noir
Region: Sonoma, California

Belle Glos Pinot Noirs are nothing new to wine drinkers. Some of the finest California Pinot Noirs are grown in 3 different vineyards: Taylor Lane, Clark & Telephone and Las Alturas (each single vineyard is continuously getting high rates from wine reviews every vintage).

Each site works with a different clone of Pinot Noir and very distinctive terroir, there for the wine has an individual flavor profile. Belle Glos Pinot Noirs were named by its winemaker Joseph Wagner’s grandmother, Lorna Belle Glos Wagner, co-founder of Caymus Vineyards.

Although you don’t find the name CAYMUS anywhere on the label, its owner and winemaker Joe Wagner is a guarantee of top quality wine of all Belle Glos Pinot Noirs.

Meiomi Pinot Noir was composed from fine selection of grapes, sourced from top vineyards in Sonoma county and it provides more affordable alternative to top notch single vineyard wines.

Tasting notes:
This Pinot Noir with lovely floral aroma, very silky on the palate with rich tones of ripe berries, black cherry with spiced cocoa and tobacco. Quite acidic at first (which I like, it makes it more accessible to different food pairings) but perfectly balanced with a rich, fruity goodness.

When you leave it in your mouth for a few seconds, you can feel a touch of vanilla on the finish.This wine is a book example of Pinot Noir variety and the longer you leave the bottle open, the more body and flavor you are going to enjoy. Definitely worth decanting it!

Dry – Off dry – Medium sweet – Sweet
Light – Medium – Full body
No oak – Aged in oak
Retail price: under $ 35.00

Ideal food pairing:
Chicken thighs in homemade mushroom gravy, Roasted salmon with spring spinachChicken and shrimp skewers, Crispy tilapia, Italian turkey thighs with roasted veggies, Chicken drumsticks with mushrooms, Roasted duck

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