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Weingut Groiss Grüner Veltliner 2009

Producer: Ing. Herbert Groiss
Grape: Grüner Veltliner
Region: Wagram, Austria

The charm of Grüner Veltliner wines is still under appreciated here in America. This light, crisp, fresh zesty wine is one of the most versatile wines when it comes to pairing with the food.

Completely delicious on its own – for those hot summer nights, when you feel like sipping something light and refreshing on your porch, while watching stars.Despite all those lovely fruity flavors in the wine, complexity, character and balance, most of the great Grüner Veltliners are both light on alcohol and  your pocket.

Weingut Groiss Grüner Veltliner reviewed today, became my new spring-summer favorite. I keep coming back to my local wine shop, buying at least 2-3 bottles at the time. It’s a perfect wine when you feel just like having 1 glass with your dinner.  It comes in 1L bottle with a screw cap (which is 25% extra wine compare to regular size wine bottle) for $ 9.99.

And, what is important to add, if you open a bottle and don’t finish it right away, put your screw cap back on with no fear. Keep the wine in the fridge, it will stay the same the next day, the following one and the day after. It says something about the quality of this wine, doesn’t it?

Very young, dynamic and modern winery of Herbert Groiss  is located in Austrian wine growing district of Wagram. Vines are planted on the south-facing slopes of Wagram hills, with great soil, exposed to warm air and cool nights. This micro climate provides an ideal condition for an optimal grape ripening and unique character of Herbert’s wines.

Besides Grüner Veltliner, the winery also produces Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris for their white wines, and Zweigelt and Cabernet Sauvignon for reds.

Tasting notes:
This zesty white opens with charming aroma of lemony flavors, wild flowers and white peach aromas. On the palate this light to medium body wine is crisp, refreshing, with hints of green apple, lime, peach.
Complexity of ripe fruit flavors is greatly balanced with acidity. This is a very charming wine – don’t miss the chance to surprise your friends and bring it to summer picnics! Super value!
Dry – Off dry – Medium sweet – Sweet
Light – Medium – Full body
No oak – Aged in oak
Retail price: about $ 10.00 (per 1 L!)                                                              
Ideal food pairing:

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