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Why do I write a wine blog?!

I just recently read an interesting blog from Steve Heimoff called “A wine blogger on wine blogs” and it got me thinking: why did I decide to write a wine blog?

Although I manage my wine blog for little over a year, I still consider myself a newcomer. Obviously, based on author’s opinion (that I happen to agree with to certain point), all the cards are already given away.

I think we now know who the players are, and that situation is unlikely to change. The field is set, the top names known. It is now extraordinarily difficult for a newcomer to enter the fray and succeed. It’s too late for that. The country already is saturated with wine blogs.

I can’t see how a newbie could jump in and achieve any kind of respectable numbers, unless that person already was famous from something else….” writes Steve.

I am not dreaming of comparing myself to anybody like Dr. Vino or Snooth (or any other big players for that matter). But isn’t there plenty of space for everybody? Just like anything else, isn’t there enough space for a little competition?

It is you, followers and readers, who will ultimately decide what wine blog is worth any attention and staying in business. Well, business – as Mr. Heimoff correctly notes, there are little or no money to be made by writing a wine blog. Yet we do it anyway, some better than the others, some has plenty to say and some don’t. Why?

Maybe I felt that I have a voice and something to say. I am always thrilled to get reaction from somebody, who accidentally came across my blog. Could it be a little ego involved? Oh yeah, absolutely. When I present wines at the wine dinner, I know that people react well to what I have to say. I don’t have that luxury when I write a blog.

Unless somebody leaves a comment, I have no idea what do you actually think about it. Am I able to transform my personality into my writing? Do you connect with me or do you roll your eyes thinking: ”who cares?” .

I follow several wine blogs myself and must say, it could be contra-productive. Sometimes I feel like there is hardly any subject about wine that is not already covered by someone else. There are also wine bloggers (some very respectable) that use their platform to express their political agenda as well, which I strongly disagree with.

It is perhaps their intention to provoke heated discussions, which in result brings more audience to their blogs. It has just the opposite effect on me. I just “unfollow” them. I have my strong opinions but I believe they belong to another platform.

So what are you really interested in reading about? Maybe about certain grapes, regions or wines, to learn something new all the time – or perhaps more about my personal stories in wine business? I decided to go both ways – share some knowledge I have, and also write about wines, experiences and people that touched my heart.

I review wines that stood out for me, so you can try them as well and see if you feel the same. Since the cooking is my big passion, and wine taste so much better with food, I threw in my favorite recipes as well.

So, to answer my own question in the title, I know why I started to write my wine blog. It lets me stay connected with friends I am surrounded with in my own wine club. That’s my solid base. I know most of you personally and miss seeing you on regular bases. I know that some of you are interested in most of my blogs, although you don’t always leave a comment. Sometimes you shoot me an email instead. And that means a lot to me.

Would I be lucky and get noticed by someone new, who never saw me at the wine dinner or wine tasting? Perhaps! Internet is a beautiful thing. It could overwhelm you, but it allows you to become a part of this huge “invisible family” from around the world. When I got comments from Australia or Argentina, it reminds me of the right reasons for my writing. It also shows just how powerful the “blogosphere” exposure really is.

I hope you find my blogs interesting enough to occasionally come back for more. I would be really grateful if you let me know what your thoughts are.  Cheers to everybody! Now, if you excuse me, I am going to pour myself a glass of 2010 Muga Rose. I can’t wait….!

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