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Wine please, when price is an issue

Are you always looking at the price side of the menu, before you decide what to order? No, I am not calling you cheap! I am just considering how price could be relevant, or not, in different situations.

I see myself as very cautious, when it comes to money. Especially now, when the economy stagnates as it does for the last few years. I am sure I am not the only one having to cut all the “luxury spendings” off of my budget.

Yet, today’s society, advertising pressure, the entertainment industry and every day news are forcing us to spend, spend, spend in order to be ‘IN’. Of course all the choices are directly influenced by our personal life style, preferences, career, and the environment we live in. The last but not least, it all depends on how much we can and want to spend.

If I was a farm lady, who spends most of the time working in the field and occasionally goes out to eat, would I care to own 100 pairs of designer shoes? I don’t think so. There are other priorities. But how about some top notch female executive in Manhattan? Well, she doesn’t really need it either, but who am I to judge? It is all relative.

Some people just have to have the newest model of car, cell phone or designer bag – what ever it is that is important to them. I personally can not care less about brands in cloths, shoes, jewelry or pocketbooks. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

My girlfriend ones called me about the designer bag she just had to have (and it cost so much that her credit card company called back to assure that the charge was legitimate). I shared her excitement, and I knew she deserved it just to make herself happy. But when she said the designer name, I just shrugged my shoulders. Yeah, in that field, I am completely ignorant. To me, the quality and elegance is the most important, the name and logo on it are just relative values.

But when it comes to what I put IN my own body – that’s a different story. I wouldn’t compromise the quality for the price! That applies to food, beverages, medication etc. I am always looking for the freshest, best quality meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Just yesterday I went to Farmers Market. Loved it! There was a local cheese maker – and I bought almost all of the cheeses he offered. So what, once in the while I will treat myself. The cheese goes so well with wine!

Avoiding anything processed, paying attention to information how the food was treated before it hit my table  – that’s my norm how I buy food. The healthy choice is not always the cheapest one, but I wouldn’t compromise there.

And that applies to wines as well. Is the most expensive bottle of wine always the best choice? Of course not! You will approach wine differently if you just want to have something pleasant to drink with your dinner, if you are a wine collector or if you want to impress your friends how much you know, and what hot items you have got in your private cellar.

Do I drink and appreciate expensive wines? Sure! Do I drink it every day? Of course not!

I am lucky to have the opportunity to taste so many wines thanks to work I do. Therefore, I have a good chance to discover some true values. You know what I mean – that bottle that taste like $30.00 and cost $9.99. There are superb wines out there in the inexpensive category, and the only chance to discover them is to taste new stuff.

I have listed quite a few in my reviews – wines under $10.00 that are truly excellent for its price. I will be adding more all the time. By all means, don’t take my word for it. Go out and taste, as much as you can.

There are always free wine tastings in your local wine store. Why not make it a habit to go every Friday/Saturday – what ever works for you – with your friends, and taste few new wines?!

You are worth the best, aren’t you? So who else than you, should decide on your best wine?!

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