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Interview with Juan Muga of Bodegas Muga (Rioja, Spain)

Juan MugaOk, so, let’s start from the top…name?

Juan, Juan Muga, the same as the wine.


I’m on the business side. Me and my brother, we are the 3rd generation we manage the whole company as well as the export market, and my 2 cousins manage the technical part of the winery. Zach, my younger cousin is more into winemaking, and my other cousin Jorge is more into vines.
Has wine always been your career?

Yes. I have another brother and another sister, but they are in other companies, they are not interested in winemaking.

Describe the philosophy of your winery, Bodegas Muga.

My Grandfather founded the winery in a small village in the Rioja region of Spain. In the village, people used to consume a lot of wine! When he first started making it, it was all young wine. All the wines he made used to be make, were consumed when they were young, we didn’t do any aging. At that time, many families used to consume, like, 6-7 liters per day! Even children, they used to have wine as a toast, with a little sugar in it of course!

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