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Your votes needed for: Sip In The Style contest finale!!!

If you follow my blog, you are aware of the contest, I have announced on November 16th – sponsored by Wine Enthusiast. If you are one of those, who submitted your original, wine related picture, thank you very much for your participation! Now is the time to see whose pics were selected for the finale.

From the total of 57 wine related pictures received, the 3 person jury (me, my photographer husband and visiting artist friend from Prague) has selected six best pictures.

Now, I would like to ask you, my readers, to kindly select the winner of this photo contest. Please consider the quality of the picture, its creativity and originality, when making decision.

The only winner, who receives the most votes, an author of the best picture, will receive the contest’s price: Wine Enthusiast U Tumblers Party pack, Cabernet/Merlot size. He or she can then SIP IN THE STYLE already these holidays!

Every picture is marked with a letter. Please review all finalist’s pictures, and vote at the end of this page. I am looking forward to see who won your wine and fun loving heart!!!!

Here comes our finale selection of the best 6 pictures, in no particular order:

Picture A
Picture B
Picture B
Picture C
Picture C
Picture D
Picture D
Picture E
Picture E
Picture F
Picture F

Now, that you have reviewed all the final pictures, please vote for the one you liked the most. Your vote will decide who wins this contest! You can vote till the end of this week – end of the voting is on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 8pm.

After that, we count all the votes and announce the winner.  I very much appreciate your help!

We don’t accept any more votes after 8:00 PM Sunday, December 2nd, 2012. This photo contest was completed.

2 thoughts on “Your votes needed for: Sip In The Style contest finale!!!”

    1. Jan, thank you for your comment. You have to actually click on the C) at the voting window, for your vote to count. (bellow the blog, at the bottom of the page). I can’t do it for you, it only accept one vote from IP address, and I already voted for my favorite. Thanks again and make sure you cast your vote please!


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