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Please help me find it!

It has been a few years since Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett introduced their hit “It’s five o’clock somewhere”. Even if you are not a country music fan, you have probably heard of it, on occasions. The lovely song’s lyric about pals, sipping margaritas at Alan Jacksontheir lunch break, on a hot July day, and spontaneously decide not to go back to work, became a favorite excuse for us, wine lovers, when feeling like having a glass with the lunch: “heck, it’s five o’clock somewhere…!”

Who ever decided that if you drink BEFORE 5 PM you might be considered an alcoholic, while if you do so AFTER 5 PM, it’s all fine; anyway? What if you open a bottle at quarter to five? Nobody speaks about that.

Then few years back, while visiting our friends in Jupiter, FL, we went to a bar, where video clip to this song was filmed. Anyway, my husband loved the song and one Christmas he found a license plate like this under our Christmas tree:

Its five oclock somewhereDETMy husband loved the gift, although since Connecticut cars have 2 license plates, we couldn’t put it on our car. He kept it for years in his “treasures”. Last year, when we moved to Florida, we had an opportunity to finally present it in the front license plate’s spot of our car. And we did. Its five oclock somewhere

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. One day I came back from running errands (I went to different places, mainly in Boca Raton, FL) and noticed that the plate was gone. I was really upset.

It wasn’t anything expensive, but it had an emotional value for both me and my husband. It was a gift, and it had a true meaning for us.

Whoever took it from my car, must have did so in a bright day light, on a crowded parking lots, because I don’t remember visiting any empty, lonely, dangerous places that day. It happened on last Halloween. I know that for sure, because I stopped at one store to buy some costumes for our evening Halloween party. First I thought – well, stuff happens, I can probably just re-order it from Alan Jackson’s fan store. But they don’t sell it anymore. As I said in the beginning, it has been a few years since I first purchased it.

And then I thought – maybe my internet friends may help me find it! Because, after all, I really want it back!!! So, if you live in South Florida and may have seen it in somebody’s house (I do believe that it’s going to be rare by now, and a collectible), maybe you can give me a tip. And anyone who will bring it back to me, will get a nice bottle of wine. Something that highly exceeds the value of that plate. Not for my husband and I, though.

You know how to get in touch with me, don’t you? No questions asked…

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