The healthiest dessert ever?

This old time family favorite is not only possibly the healthiest dessert ever, but it could also compete for a title of the simplest, yummiest desserts out there. I am not even kidding.

The healthiest dessert ever
The healthiest dessert ever

I came from family of 4 kids and my family didn’t have enough money for all the necessities. The way to cut on food cost was to grow some “food” ourselves. So we always had some vegetables and fruits planted in our back yard and as kids we were excited to help with the farming. The only bad thing about having fruit trees like cherry, plum or apple trees – or bushes of currant, or rows of strawberries and raspberries –  was the fact that they all ripe at the same time. So you go from zero to suddenly baskets of fruits that were perishable. Our mom had to quickly figure out what to do with it before it rotten and all that work is wasted. So our summer breaks were full of canning fruit, making jams, and preparing for winter. There was still plenty of fruit we can eat fresh while picking it, and plenty of desserts to enjoy.

Strawberry Snow  was one of the quickest, inexpensive, easiest to make, good for you but also some of the most delicious of fruit desserts.

To feed family of 5, all you need is:

  • 1lb of ripe strawberries
  • 2 organic eggs
  • 1-2 tablespoon of sugar (or agave or Stevia, if you want it super healthy)

Within 10 minutes you have heavenly light strawberry dessert that’s healthy protein loaded, no flour, no fat and no baking involved.

So what is it and how it’s done?

Wash strawberries, remove their stems and cut into small pieces (or pulse few times in the food processor). Don’t mush them all the way to watery substance, you will likely enjoy some pieces of fruit in your Strawberry Snow. Add sugar (to the taste) or sweetener substitute. I like to use agave nectar and leave it sweet and savory, not overly sweet. That’s everyone personal preference. Set aside.

Separate egg whites from yolks – very carefully, because if you only get a little piece of yolk into your whites, you ruin it and the “snow peaks” are not going to be firm enough. Keep yolks for your scrambled eggs in the morning (in the fridge) and beat egg whites with hand mixer on high speed until firm stiff peaks are formed – when you turn the mixer up side, the egg whites should be firm enough to stand. Make sure there is no liquid left on the bottom of your bowl.

Slowly, spoon by spoon, fold the strawberry mixture into the whipped egg whites. The foam will start to take on the strawberry color and it will be nice a fluffy. Spread into martini glasses and serve immediately. You can decorate each glass with mint if desired.

Strawberry snow
Strawberry snow

The only downside of this dessert is that you can’t keep it for later. Within 20-30 minutes of standing in room temperature or in fridge, the egg whites starts to loose its foam and will liquify again. But between two of us – this dessert is so yummy and so light, even the biggest dieter in your family will have second right away. I don’t think you will run into that problem anyway!

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