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Light Quinoa Salad

Light Quinoa Salad

Having to deal with gluten-free diet lately, I have discovered some totally new grains, I never new existed. When you use your fantasy, this diet is not so bad after all! If you aren’t on gluten-free diet, and you don’t want to go on journey to find quinoa, you can make this same salad from Israeli couscous or burghur and it will be equally delicious.

Light Quinoa Salad


1 cup Quinoa or Israeli couscous (cooked)
3 small tomatoes
½ green bell pepper
4 scallions
1 lime
½ cup of crumbled Feta cheese
½ cup of parsley and cilantro
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cook quinoa or couscous according the instructions. Set aside and let cool. In the meantime clean and finely chop all the vegetables and parsley with cilantro.

In the large bowl mix chilled grains with all fresh vegetables. Season with salt and pepper. Add 3 tablespoons of high quality extra virgin olive oil and lime juice. You can add more olive oil and lime juice if desired. Add finely chopped parsley and cilantro. Add the crumbled cheese the last.

Carefully mix together and season with more salt if desired. Serve chilled with slices of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

Wine pairing suggestion:

I paired this dish with lemony wine from sunny Sardinia called Argiolas Vermentino Costamolino and we needed more salad for a second glass