Getaria, Guetaria, Spain, White wines

Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli 2010

Produced by: Chueca family
Grape:85% Hondarrabi Zuri, 15% Hondarrabi Beltza
Region:  Txakoli de Guetaria

At the smallest appellation in Spain (today about 85 hectares – 124 acres) the Chueca family has made Txomin Etxaniz the benchmark Txakoli (pronounce Tchacoelee) of the region. Building on the long family tradition, the newest generation also made a significant investments into modern techniques and a careful viticultural research.

Txakoli, an oddly named wine, is a typical of the Basque County, Cantabria and northern Burgos. The main characteristics are that the wine is usually slightly sparkling, very dry white, with high acidity and low alcohol content. It is meant to be drank young, and doesn’t age well.

The family owns has 35 hectares of protected, sloped vineyards in Getaria, planted with 85% Hondarribi Zuri (white grape) and 15% Hondarribi Beltza (red grape), in the pergola system. The hills planted which the vineyards create a special microclimate, a result of the good exposure to the sun, and the protection offered from the north winds.

Grapes for this wine were harvested by hand from vines, located on high hillsides falling away dramatically to the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the  most beautiful locations for the winery I have seen, isn’t it? The pergola system helps to create ventilation for vines and grapes and reduce rot in this wet climate.

After the temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks, the wine rests on its lees until bottling, so it carries in solution some of the carbonic result of fermentation. This wine is meant to be drunk young (maximum 1-2 after its release).

Tasting notes
This wine shows citrus aromas along with a crisp freshness of the ocean breeze.  On the palate you are hit with high acidity and strong lemony or lime flavors.

This is super dry, crisp wine that I enjoyed very much. Delicate sparks breaks on the tongue.  Feeling almost a saltiness of the sea.

Funny that the family it selves recommends to drink their wine with salted anchovies and tuna in oil. I didn’t try that, but paired with tortilla potata and jamon (which is cured Spanish ham, also salty). It was an excellent!

Dry –
Off dry- Medium sweet – Sweet
Light – Medium –
Full body
No oak
– Aged in oak
Retail price: around $20.00

Ideal food pairing:

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